Questions and Answers


How many cases fill a 20ft and 40ft container?
This depends on the individual items as each product has its own unique weight and volume. As you proceed with your order, the indicator in the shopping basket will give you an idea of how much space there is remaining in your container. Please note, that this is only computer-calculated guideline and our experts will return to your request with accurate number of products, which we can fit in.  

What is the maximum limit allowed to load in containers?
The maximum weight and volume for container sizes are approximately as follows:

  • 20’ Dry Container - Weight: 24500 kgs, Volume: 30 CBM.
  • 20’ Reefer Container - Weight: 24500 kgs, Volume: 26 CBM.
  • 40’ Dry Container - Weight: 24500 kgs, Volume: 70 CBM.
  • 40’ Reefer Container - Weight: 24500 kgs, Volume: 62 CBM.

What is the maximum limit allowed to load in trucks?
The maximum weight and pallets for the different truck types are approx. as follows:

  • Truck rest of Europe - Weight: 24500 kgs, Pallets: 33
  • Truck UK - Weight: 28000 kgs, Pallets: 33
  • Truck Italy - Weight: 29000 kgs, Pallets: 33

What shelf life do the products generally have?
As we usually buy directly from the manufacturers we are able to retain much of the manufacturer’s original shelf life. For products currently in our warehouse, we can provide you with exact expiry dates. 

Do you only stock items that are of german origin?
No, we offer products from all over europe. If you cannot see your product of interest on our website, please email us your requirements on

Do you stock any short-dated goods?
Yes, we regularly have short dated items on promotion (not in the webshop). Please subscribe to our mailing list (click here) and we can keep you updated on these stocks.

What should I do if the items I require items are not available on your website?
Please email us your requirements at and we will do our best to source those items for you. 

Do you offer any discounts on first orders?
Our prices are very competitive, however, depending on your order quantity we may be able to offer you an additional discount on your first order. 

Can you load goods without pallets?
Yes, we can load goods as requested: palletised, hand-balled or a mix of both. Please specify on your request which you would prefer so that we can load accordingly.

Can you provide images, barcode and pallet logistics for products?
Yes, we can be provide it upon request

What documentation can you provide?

We provide all standard shipment documents such as the Invoice, Packing List and Bill of Lading. For some goods and destinations, we can also supply the Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Free Sale, Health Certificate, EUR 1, ATR, T2L and T2LF. When placing your inquiry, please specify what documents you require.

What is the lead time for goods?
General lead time for most suppliers are 7 - 10 working days, however this may vary depending on the item and quantities. Lead time for goods can be provided prior to confirming your order.

What are the transit time for required ports and container prices?
The transit time and container prices for each destination vary. Please request this information from your Famobra contact person.

What are your payment terms?
Our payment terms are 30% deposit on confirmation of order (before ordering of goods) and 70% balance prior to shipment.

Can your provide FOB or CIF prices?
We always quote prices ex. Works. Flensburg and transport separately.

Do you provide goods by air freight also?
Yes, we also provide goods by air freight. Please specifying on your inquiry that you require the goods by air freight and we will provide offer upon.

What is your minimum order requirement?
If you are based in Europe, minimum order requirement is €5000. If you are based outside Europe, the minimum requirement is 1x20ft Container or €5000 if you are willing to take goods by air freight. 

How many items can I mix in one container?
It’s up to you; you can take a container with only one item only or a mix of a 100 different items. We can load as per your requirement. Minimum order quantity pr. Product very, but is often only 1 layer pr. Product.

How should I place my first order on website?

Please create an account on the website, find your products and add the relevant quantities to your basket. If you're unsure on the steps, please give us a call on +49 461 99 98 9-89 or email us at and we will be happy to guide you through the steps.

Who should I contact if the website does not work properly?
Please call us on +49 461 99 98 9-89 or email us at and we will be able to assist you.

I requested a quote some time ago but have not received a reply yet. What should I do?
Please contact us on +49 461 99 98 9-89 or email us at as there may be a chance we might have not received your order or we are in the process of completing the quote for you.